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I have not used an ATS system so simple to use. It's easy to drive engagement from applicants and hiring managers.”
Bill Maynard,
Head of Talent Acquisition, Affinity Water

“Using LANDED has reduced our time to hire by 50% and freed up vital resources within our HR team."
Emma Gibson,
HR Manager – Henderson Group
Careers Listing Page
Attracting the best talent starts with a strong employer brand. Mobile optimised career listings will ensure your live jobs are front and centre of your careers website to attract the best talent.
Recruitment Funnels
Fill your talent pool CRM with quality applicants for your future hires. Keep them warm with regular job updates. Tag applicants with key skills to allow for easy search & match when hiring for similar jobs in the future.
Social Recruiting
Your next hire could already be your biggest fan. Promote your jobs across your social network including Twitter, LinkedIN, Google+ & Facebook. Create a Facebook Careers Tab & keep your ‘newsfeed’ clutter free.
Talent Pool
Recruitment funnels help reduce time to hire, giving instant insights to campaign is performance. Easily move applicants from one stage to the next with automated updates to keep them informed.
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